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Only at the Keswick Mountain Bikes website will you find recent updates on racing events, riding safety, and cycling products. This is the right place for practical tips on improving performance, nutrition, and sports fashion. Our weekly and monthly bulletin cover real-life biking stories and inspirational rides, all for your entertainment.  

Since the launching of our site, we have been in the frontline of the mountain bike scene. We are undoubtedly committed to pushing the boundaries of bike riding practices. Follow us to know where avid cyclists are going next and how they do it. Our emphasis is how to get the most fun while at it. This is our heritage, and we are devoted to carrying on with it.  

We take our product selection seriously because we know that the quality of the gear is fundamental to the performance and comfort of a cyclist. From riding through underground caves, across frozen lakes, to exploring the tallest mountains, we test bikes and accessories to meet industry standards. With decades of experience, our teams understand what makes reliable and not-so-good equipment. Expect honest reviews of products featured on this site. Any item with a seal of approval from our team of experts is worth buying through our links.  

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