How to Get Ready for Bike Riding in Spring

With winter storms out of the equation, it is time to get outdoors and marvel at warmer days ahead. Spring is the best time to roll with a mountain bike if you have a cycling routine to accomplish. But before hitting the trails, ensure your gear is intact for the ultimate off-road performance. A few bike maintenance tips will save your cycling days.  

Look for Signs of Worn-out Tyres

Tyre wear is a common hitch with mountain bikes. You’ll know it’s time for new tyres if the tread pattern and knobs are ripped off. You might also notice bulges in some areas, and threads under the rubber could be resurfacing.  

Some TLC to Keep It Tidy

Your bike has taken some beatings in the woods. It would be nice to clean it up just before the spring cycling begins. Avoid high-pressure equipment when washing the bike; instead, lather it to protect moving parts and bearings. Wipe the cogs and chain with a clean rag. While at it, check for damages on the frame and any loose components.

Watch out for Grinding Noise on Brake Pads

A grinding sound on V-brakes is a red flag. In the days leading to your mountain biking routine, check the brake pads regularly. Change them before the problem escalates to other components.

Reassemble Some Parts

The seat post and pedals deserve some reassembly paste to keep them in place. This makes it easier to dismantle them later if need be. The maintenance practice also protects the frame from grime and water.  

Run a Quick Checklist

Here are the final checks just before jumping on a mountain bike ride.  

  • See if the saddle and bars are twisted  
  • Lubricate sticky shifters  
  • Ensure the tyres are inflated to 2 – 2.5 Bar  

Maintaining your mountain bike helps you to fix unforeseen issues as the days brighten up. You might want to visit a repair shop if you have been cycling from autumn through winter. Learn from the experts what parts to examine for mechanical problems and do the necessary repairs.